Changes set out to Memorandum of Association of

Seawolf Swimming Academy Limited 21st September 2013



Name of the limited company shall be Seawolf Swimming Academy Ltd herein after SSA.


SSA objectives of the academy will be the teaching, development and practise of all aquatic sports and will promote competitions and championships for its customers in these sports.  It will also work and develop its own equipment and literature for resale to its customers.

  1. SSA is committed to treat every customer equally within the context of its activity.  This shall be regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, religion, disability or political opinion.
  2. SSA will implement an equal opportunities policy.

The business and affairs of SSA will be at all time be conducted in Accordance of the Companies Act 2006.

Swimming Participation Membership

The customer membership of the club will not normally be limited.  If however a Director considers that there is good reason to impose a limit time to time then at the next Board of Directors meeting the Director will propose this for consideration.  The Board of Directors will have the  right to impose and remove from time to time any limits on total customer membership.

Paid instructors, teachers and Coaches must be a member of a body which accepts the ASA code of Ethics, the Laws and Regulation relating to child safeguarding and those part of the Judicial Laws, Judicial Rules, Judicial Regulation and procedures necessary for their implementation and whilst engaged in activities under the jurisdiction of the ASA shall be subject to the all the constraints and privileges of the judicial laws and regulation.

Any person wishing to become a paid up customer of SSA must submit a signed up application to any Director and in the case of a member under 18 years of age the application must be signed by a parent or guardian.  Each customer membership will be decided by a Director of SSA.

The Board of Directors shall be required to give reasons for the refusal of an application of a customer if a formal written request is received from the applicant or applicants parent or guardian.  Any customer who is refused membership may seek a review of SSA decision before a Review Panel appointed by the Board of Directors comprised of at least three members who will be members of the Board of Direcors.  The procedure for the review shall be at the discretion of the review panel whose decision will be final and binding.

SSA will not refuse an application for membership on discriminatory grounds, whether in relation to sex, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation and political persuasion.

SSA may refuse participation in the Academy only for a good and sufficient cause, such as conduct or character likely to bring the club or the sport into disrepute or a swimmer being unable to achieve the entry standard set down by SSA to the applicant on entry.

Customer Membership will be renewed on a monthly basis through the process of payment of fees monthly in advance.  The monthly fee will determine the amount of coached swimming sessions a customer can attend each month.

Swimming Participation Prices

Changes to Customer Membership fees will be proposed at various times at the Board of Directors Meetings.  Fees may be changed providing at least 28 days notice is given to customers.


Customer Membership Resignation will be assumed if the monthly membership fees are not paid on the 1st working day of each month.  No grace period will be given.

Expulsion and Other Disciplinary Action

The Board of Directors have the power to expel a member when in its opinion it would not be in the interests of SSA for the individual to remain a member.

Any Director of the Club or employee whom a Director delegates power to may suspend or exclude a member from particular training sessions and or wider Academy activities when in their opinion such action is in the interest of the club.  Where such action is taken the matter will then be dealt with in accordance with the appropriate Judicial Rules and Regulations by the Board of Directors.

Upon expulsion from the club a member must return any equipment, trophy or trophies within 14 days.

SSA employees in charge of a particular event shall be responsible for the discipline.  If further action is required this is to be referred to the Internal Disputes procedure as laid down by the SSA Judicial Laws and Procedures.

Board of Directors

SSA Board of Directors shall maintain an Accident Book in which all accidents to Academy Members at swimming related activities will be recorded.

There are currently two members on the Board of Directors:

Managing Director & Company Secretary